• Online Banking, More Security, Less Convienience.

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    As a multiple private computer user, I flick between desktop, laptop and tablet at home and my works pc, I never know which one I’ll be at when the need to know how much money is in my bank but with internet banking that shouldn’t matter.. right?.

    With the introduction of the large card reader from Barclays I was no longer able to log into my internet banking at any pc other than my desktop, as I’m not really going to carry that thing about wherever I go. HSBC have introduced a similar device however have improved with a much smaller design, although even with the addition of a loop to attach it to your keys, it’s not small enough for me to consider attaching it to mine and carrying it everywhere. Oddly enough HSB have issued it’s business customers, you know the sort of customer who would tend to do internet banking from one PC, Vasco authentication tokens which I would be happy to attach to my keys and take everywhere. So it’s now more convenient in many cases to go to a cash machine to check my balance.

    On a side note, something that really bugs me about theseĀ  calculator like devices can’t also have simple calculator functions?



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