• Tunisia, Day Five; The Heavens Opened

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    We awoke to the sound of thunder, opening the curtains confirmed we were in the middle of a tropical storm, so we set the alarm for half 8 and went back to bed. We got up we went down for breakfast to find it closed, confused we went back to our room to realise we were the victim of technology, my pad and phone had put the clocks back as per the per the UK so we had gone down an hour late.

    The rain let up so we went to some of the local shops to haggle some more and stopped at a local cafe for dinner, during which the heavens opened again, it was warm so we decided to walk back to the hotel. The walk in many places turned into a paddle, with water flowing down the roads at about half a foot deep. It was more amusing than anything else as we tried to find the shallowest path to cross the road.

    The weather cleared up and we took 20 minutes to clear the water from our balcony, then chilled out, over the course of the evening the weather was up and down and we had another thunderstorm, which isn’t a bad thing.

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