• Tunisia, Day Four; Romans & Camels

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    The day started early with a quick breakfast and on the coach for 7:50, we were on our way, via lots of other hotels, to El Djem a Roman Amphitheatre. The coach was nicer than the day before  with more legroom, which was good since after we travelled via every other hotel and it was two hours before we finally arrived at El Djem.

    El Djem stood tall at the top of a bank, the streets paved with the usual traders pushing scarves and trinkets at every passer by, the entrance to the amphitheatre was painless as the cost was included in the price of the trip, we did however have to pay 1dt (50p) in order to use a camera. When we went into the amphitheatre we could see it was very well preserved and after a short introduction in the centre we were left to explore. Most people headed up, but Vicky spotted a staircase heading down so we went to see where it lead.

    In the depths of the amphitheatre there was a maze of small rooms where they kept the animals all joined by a long corridor, the corridor was lit by a few lights placed in the roof recesses which made it look spectacular, I  got a few photos before more of the tour party came down and ruined the atmosphere, I guess I’m still not a people person. We headed up the many steps to the top, there was plenty of arches, columns and other features to keep my camera busy for the whole hour we were there. On the way back to the coach we stopped for an obligatory photo with a camel and it was back on the coach for a short drive to our next destination a mosaic museum.

    The mosaic museum was nice, but again hindered by the presence of other people who had no issues with walking in front of a guy taking pictures. To combat the presence of people we hung back and took a slow walk through, as we knew nothing about the place we were visiting it was a nice surprise to find the museum was built in front of the building they were taken from so we had a look round a number of the mosaics in situ then back on the coach for an hour back to the hotel.

    The hotel once again stepped up its game with food, although it creeps me out that I much preferred the vegetable balls and poached egg on toast over meatballs. We then chilled out for the rest of the evening.

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