• Tunisia, Day Seven, A Brief Return Of The Sun

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    The day started overcast but it looked like the rain would hold off, at about 11am the sun came out so we headed to the port again to buy gifts for the folk back home, as it was the last day we put the 20dt we would need for drinks later that night and counted what we had left to spend. We went to a mini zoo and botanical gardens in which the animals were mainly birds, unfortunatley I’m not convinced they were happy, many with bald patches and the young camel and one of the emus were pacing about. After the zoo we avoided a conman, “You recognise me? I work at your hotel… bla bla… I show you the shop, special sale”, with the great phrase “maybe later” and headed off in the other direction.

    We found a number of shops that we hadn’t seen before and spent a long time trying on sunglasses, even though i had bought another set a few days before, so long that it had time to mini-storm and dry up. While fighting over getting a set of Oakley or Police glasses I managed to decide I didn’t need another set, quite an achievement for me, not however replicated when I spotted a number of wallets in designs I liked. Bartering started at 45dt and ended with me getting a Diesel wallet for 15dt (£7.50). We then found a real supermarket with real stuff in rather than all touristy stuff and got a few things to take home.

    On the way back to the hotel we were greeted by the tradesman who the day before we bought the trainers from, I’ll give him credit, he asked how the trainers were and remembered i was looking at the Diesel bags the day before. I picked out a bag I liked and the guy took me to the back of the shop where he likes to do his haggling, he showed me the bag and all its pockets and made the offer of 75dt, I  told him I was looking to pay more 20dt he went to 60 and I offered 25, he said he made no money at that and I said all I had left was 25 so he showed me the bags he could sell for 25 and asked which I liked, “the one in your hand” I replied and made my final offer, of all the money in my wallet, and showed him the section I was keeping the 20dt for dinner drinks and the change which was full of what amounted to copper, as he didn’t see the 40dt in the other section of my wallet he agreed, which worked out at 31dt (£15.50).

    At dinner Lotfi, our waiter, had saved our table as he has every night with our drinks ready for our arrival, the queue was massive but the steak pie made up for it and as always the dessert selection was huge. Later on we packed ready for our departure the next morning.

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