• Nokia Lumia 800 and Orange Upgrade = Disconnection

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    With my mobile phone contract’s upgrade window opening I decided, after much deliberation, to go with the Nokia Lumia 800, so I spent my lunch hour yesterday visiting the Orange shop.

    The upgrade took much longer than expected as the girl who served me, spotted my geekyness and offered me a new “not yet on the system” plan, the panther connected 31, which needed to be manually written out instead of the normal, click, click, print, sign, process Orange normally have.

    The panther connected 31 plan is essentially the panther 26 plan but also includes a 3G dongle and an extra 750mb of data to share between the phone and the dongle. Although I doubt the dongle will get much use the extra piece of mind 750mb of data is worth a fiver extra per month.

    Having not had a chance to play with the Lumia in much detail before I was approaching WP7 as a noob, but was happy to find my way round it quickly, most things are where you would expect them, although the use of the horizontal space is a little weird to get used to as I’m used to the vertical only iPhone.

    After my initial play, I left the phone on charge and waited for the “your new sim is now active” text messages, which, although from experience normally takes a couple of hours max, didn’t come before 5.30 I was ready to leave work for the day.

    Unfortunately after leaving my car radio playing all day I had a flat battery so tried to call the AA from my pre-upgrade iPhone, which I had found been disconnected, My new Lumia still showing “invalid sim”. I borrowed someone else’s phone to call the AA and while waiting called Orange from the iPhone (dialing any number on that handset put me through to upgrades). The guy from the Orange Indian call centre was not overly helpful and after the usual take the sim card out and turn it off and on again procedures he told me “in half hour it’ll be all good” playing the things take time and it can take 24 hours card.

    9am this morning, a long half an hour later by anyone’s standard, I gave Orange India a call again, after the normal off and on again, and checking the sim card number, the guy told me the sim transfer was complete and it looked like my sim card was faulty and said he would transfer the call to another department and then hung up.. I called back and the woman insisted rather than transfer me to the department the other guy was going to, I had to go through the off and on again, and checking the sim card number again, then offered to send me a new sim via royal mail, I told her having a working phone on Tuesday would not be acceptable and asked if the Orange store could do anything today, she said I could get a new sim from the Orange shop and they would be able to transfer the account onto that and it’ll then take a couple of hours and be done today, of course I would have to pay for the sim, but that’s ok as she would credit my account with £5 which should cover it, not wanting to be without the phone for another 4 days I said I would go into the shop.

    Although I hate the town on Saturdays, I went to the Orange shop where I explained the situation to one of the guys who said they couldn’t give or sell me a new contract sim as I was advised and said he would check to make sure they have activated the sim and got on the phone to the upgrade people, he then handed the phone to me and went off to serve another customer. So I was in the Orange shop on the phone to India again, and continuing the trend, I got a new story, this time the guy said the transfer while appearing to be completed has not worked and he was escalating it to the level 2 support team, I don’t need a new sim and I should be back on in 3 hours, but it can take 24 hours, but he was sure I would have a working phone in 3 hours. The guy also said he would give me a weeks free line rental, I explained that I would rather have a working phone. I left the shop, drove home and tried to forget about it. 5 or so hours later, still no change with the phone, so I called for an update, which came in the form of “level 2 haven’t got back to us yet”.

    Now over 12 hours later, nothing…

    So much for the “new phone experience” I’ve been looking forward to.

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