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    I’ve had many mice in my time and the best I’ve ever used is the Dell 5 Button Travel Mouse,which I got with my XPS Laptop a few years ago, so good I started using it as my main mouse on my main desktop machine. Unfortunately over the past few weeks I’ve been having trouble with my USB bluetooth dongle kicking up driver error when my machine is turned on, leading to a frustrating game of switching USB ports until it works.

    My bluetooth problems planted the seed of “you need new tech in your life” into my mind and I popped out today to buy a new mouse, even though I probably only need spend a couple of quid on a new bluetooth dongle.

    I settled on the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, Microsoft is well known for making great hardware and the Arc mouse has great styling and the battery saving feature of being able to turn it off without fiddling about trying to click a small switch, and also being able to instantly identify it as being off by it’s flat profile.

    Aside from the inevitable “getting used to” factor you get when switching mice, I was very quickly disappointed by the Arc mouse. As expected, it did look good on my desk but that’s about all I’m able to put in it’s pro’s column. The touch scrolling is supposed to be a sexy feature, but it’s accompanied by an annoying click, like you’ve just spun the Wheel-of-Fortune wheel, the lack of thumb buttons which on the Dell mouse gives very quick  back and forward commands in web browsers, made me miss my Dell mouse.

    The nail in the coffin for the Arc Mouse, and the main reason why it’s going straight back to the shop after less than 10 minutes of usage is the range is terrible, far from the 9 meters (30 feet) this mouse is claimed to give, with new, brand name, batteries it struggled to work over less than 1 meter, from the front USB port of my computer making the mouse jerky and unresponsive.

    I guess this serves me right for not replacing the bluetooth dongle and using it as an excuse to get something new and shiny.



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